For many drivers around the greater St. Louis area, securing financing on a vehicle, even one that is used, can be a very tough thing to do. Rejection from traditional banks and lenders is never a great feeling, but there's no need to give up. At Steve Schmitt Kia, our dealership provides second chance financing options to qualified drivers around St. Peters and Chesterfield MO.

What is Second Chance Financing?

Second chance financing is exactly what it sounds like. It offers drivers who have had trouble securing a car loan thanks to bad credit or no credit and opens the door for them to secure an exclusive financing opportunity. Instead of dealing with the banks and lenders, second chance financing involves what is called a "buy here, pay here" approach.

Simply put, we cut out the middleman, and you deal directly with us. You'll make all your payments to the dealership, and so long as you have a valid address and steady income, you are almost guaranteed to be approved.

Affordable Pre-Owned Vehicles are Available for Second Chance Financing

At Steve Schmitt Kia, our goal is to offer the widest range of vehicle options to drivers around Saint Charles MO and Hazelwood. Hence, you'll be able to shop from a wide array of high-quality, low mileage used Kia vehicles that are of recent model years. Every used Kia you see on our lot and online showroom has been given a comprehensive inspection to ensure that it meets our lofty standards of quality and safety. Plus, we carefully price every vehicle you see to ensure that it is the best deal possible.

Ready to Apply?

Every driver can apply for financing directly through our main website. We understand there are a lot of complications when it comes to financing a vehicle, which is why our team is standing by and always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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